Chill by Nooks' Creative Director and Co-Founder, Elsie Standen, envisioned a product that by itself could tell the beautiful story of the Nooks journey.

Being the pioneers in the development of pineapple fiber as yarns for textile meant undertaking  the  long quest to become vertically integrated. In the beginning, it was for the purpose of protecting our livelihood which could not compete with the price-wars due to lack of domestically-sourced raw material.

Years of toil and interaction with pineapple and then cotton farmers, our fellow knitters whose numbers are dwindling in direct contrast to their age, weavers from Sulu and many like-minded individuals and organizations  -changed the course of our path so many times. For how indeed could any meaningful  journey  be not fraught with challenges and not encompass the need to help protect other livelihoods as well?







Early on we figured out that we were unique. 

It is not so much that our craft is "dying." It is that what we offer is steeped in  history. We honor legacy by producing products that speak volumes of the past but can pack and go at a moment's notice and will easily be any OOTD or can give that  LBD some rest.

in this fast paced world of people travelling to and fro  - showing more interest in culture and artisan designs, comfort and style are still not compromised.